English Translation


(Palavering, Social Issue)

 In the coincidence of Eastern New Year, The Year of The Horse,

Wonderfully and freely, President Obama expresses his State of Union,

The main part of his Topic, he concentrated in Economy,

Next, the Ones of Social Security, and Social Welfare of Poor Classes,

His Foreign Policy seems stronger and more decisive,

Towards Terrorism, the Middle East Problem and the South Sea in Asia,

He invigorates all US Citizen to improve their Quality and Innovations,

Be self fighting for improvement, in several Economic Needs of US,

USA must get out of the Influence of All China’s Products,

And, he pictured out the Improving Direction of Domestic Economy,

All US Enterpreneurs must improve their Quality,

We must help each other, particularly the Labor Force,

Laboring Class must be increased with their Social Welfare, Hourly Salary Basis?

Because only their Increased Income could affect on Economic Consumptions?

With his Patriotic Spirit, He truthly presented to All Citizens,

And, his Attitude seems to concern of American Mutual Lov the most,

Even the Republic Side Strategy has been less progressive,

Their majority still be in the Congress, the status quo,

Personally, I’ve not believed in Republic Party,

Just because they are conservative with their richness?

Some day, when USA would have Wars and Poor Conditions to face?

Probably, their Party Members would know how to readjust, then?

Now, the Partisan Politic Separation has caused a lot of Social Implications,

I hope these two Parties will know how to compromise and coordinate,

Otherwise, USA Politic Seperation would be more serious?

Producing more, in this Culture, lots of Social Problems?

Looking generally into USA Needs  now, Culturally or Socially,

I think USA is in needs of <Politic & Social Education Policy> for All?

A Outstanding Humanity Ideology must be thought and practiced,

Particularly, the Class of The RICH, Billionnaires, Millionaires…

USA would be decreasing gradually Its Prestiges.

If the Ratio, more and more increases the Poor Class?

Therefore, both Republic and Democratic Parties must mutually help each other,

Closely coordinating each other to take care of the Country together,

All Enterpreneurs and All Groups of Interests, All of Businesses,

Being able to Create and Construct the Social Welfare for US,

Being Selfish, Missed Coordination, Sharing as well as positive Engaging,

The Social Equation of US Social Weffare for People will never be solved?


Tran Vanson, 1/2014

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