I would like to share and ask you and your Cabinet to Consider about the very Important Shortcoming of Managing the Poor Single Senior Class in our Nation. I suppose a typical situation ike me with my annual income under $13000. (both SSA and Retirement Benefits). How can our Government have Official Policy to take care of Us? Cheap Housing for the Poor & Senior Assistance in a small & underdeveloped Village like Waterman, and some Mobile Homes around DeKalb County are not found. My Village does have any Public Transportation Means, Hospital Cheap Community Cafeteria, or Senior Service Assistance Institute, etc..
You have mentioned about Lower tax rates for businesses that create jobs in the U.S. Lower tax rates for manufacturers, Cut taxes for small businesses, Create good job, Put construction workers on the job rebuilding our infrastructure, Expand our network of high-tech manufacturing hubs, Strengthen job training at community colleges & Raise the minimum wage; But you haven’t put in Your Plan for the Poor Class of People and Seniors like several Poor Areas without Facilities and Government Assistance at all.
I have been a Democrat and supported your Presidency and Democrat Party all of my life as of today and I deeply think about Your New Tax for Business to attract Big Corporations to come back in the Country, creating more Jobs for our several Young Kids w/o Jobs after Gradulation. However, please Mr. President, have your concern Cabinet Section to improve the Aspect of Poor Management of Poor Class of People, specially, Seniors.
Sincerely Yours, 
Vanson Tran
A Better Bargain
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